Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ICE - Laminating Your Own ICE Cards

Time to add some more DIY tips on how to laminate and create your own custom ICE Tools. This is so easy to do....next time you stop at Wal-Mart or an office supply store pick up some Scotch (3M)Brand Business Card (10) and Luggage Tag (2) Laminating Pouches.
Cost per ICE Card is 48 cents! Cost per ICE Tag is 98 cents!
If you decide to make a neck chain or ski bag tag or ski jacket card - this is the DIY way to go...print out a sheet of cards on your computer and make up some spares to carry in your car and (ski) jackets and camping gear. Note the card in the clear laminating pouch above....takes a second to complete yourself. No heating surfaces to burn yourself on.
Want to do large groups over one hundred....you can buy pouches in large quantities as well.
Simple - do it yourself.

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