Monday, March 17, 2008

Prep Tip - New Fire Starter - Aurora

Solo Scientific has come up with a novel metal striking fire starter tool. It is easy to use and practical to boot. The device is approximately 3.5 inches long and .75 inches in diameter and made of a totally checkered metal exterior for easy gripping and a lanyard hole for attaching to essential gear.
The device screws apart into two pieces - one is the striking surface comprised of a magnesium alloy rod that uses the substantial scraping blade (no knife needed but you can use one if you had to) that is screwed into a relieved portion of the metal case.
Simply unscrew the pieces and scrape the blade across the length of the rod and you will get a small number of glowing magnesium embers that will easily set tinder on fire. The rod is firmly secured into the base and won't fall off like the traditional magnesium fire starter flints.
So, in short it takes the best of two items and combines them making your attempt at fire starting that much more successful. Remember - REDUNDANCY is important - carry this along with or in place of some of the other fire starting tools.

The ICE fire kit will include this item. Price: MSRP is $19.95 and Camping Survival has them in stock... Andy Putrello is the inventor and owner of solo scientific.
ICE4SAFETY and CampingSurvival.Com field tested this device and can verify that it indeed produced a fire. We recommend that your fire kit have vaseline impregnated cotton balls as fire starters as they catch on fire instantly when molten magnesium is showered onto it. Everyone can afford and either has or can readily acquire these basic items.

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