Monday, April 13, 2009

Prep Tip - House Numbers

Ever had to find a home in hurry to rescue someone in distress? Ever had to do it when you couldn't find the house in the night because of bad weather and because no one in your block has numbers on their homes either? Maybe you delivered pizza and had that problem....

If not, then take our word for it - get some numbers there today.

Have a Lamp Post? Put numbers there too.
Mailbox - Sure!
Reflective numbers/letters - now you are thinking!
Does your responding local law enforcement have an aviation unit?
Do you have a roof?
Get the picture?

Some folks still mistakenly think they are so popular that everyone within a 100 mile radius just has to know who they are and where they live. Wake your neighbors up to the fact it is a good idea for them to do this as well.

If you or your relatives are in poor health or you live in a crime prone neighborhood....or in a rural area - or you are just plain smart, then consider placing you house or condo/apartment number where it can be seen from the street on a rainy/foggy/snowy night.

Maybe this poster got your attention.

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