Friday, February 12, 2010

Smart-ICE - It Talks for the Patient!

Learn more about how smart-ICE can be such an enormous help to those of us with Smart Phones that wish to take advantage of the latest in cell phone technology and make it work to your advantage when it comes to personal safety.
We encourage you to check this article out - short and to the point. Just like ICE.
Developers Tim Green and Wil Craport are featured in this trade article describing their innovative ICE products available through Apple i-Tunes.
As more and more people learn about smart-ICE the more they like it. So much so that ICE4SAFETY has had to take legal action against others hoping to cash-in on the success of these products by infringing on the trademarked image ICE4SAFETY licenses the developers to use.
So if your business has an innovative way to use ICE just know we protect the mark and you if you are properly licensed - and if you mistakenly decide to infringe on the trademark using a look alike - know that we will take aggressive and swift legal action against you.
Plan on using this product if you have an I-Phone/ I-Pod and coming soon to Blackberry and is the best and one all the others try and copy - we can prove that.
See what emergency room physicians say about smart-ICE

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