Sunday, February 21, 2010

Writing Pads - Low Tech Solutions That Work

On a trip, in your car, boat or in your evac pack ready to go should be one (or more) of these water resistant writing pads. Also included should be a pen like the space pen or rite in rain pen that can write upside down and in the rain as well.
Given the probability that electronic gear will be unreliable and possibly fail altogether in a protracted emergency, you should never underestimate the utility of low tech methods of storing and transmitting important information.
You should absolutely keep one of these in your vehicle to record the part numbers of replacement bulbs, fan belts, radiator hose sizes, fluid specs and other important operating info that would take much longer to find in the operators manual...assuming you still have one.
Remember you need to spend time to save time...when an emergency is underway and you need every minute you can find...taking 10 minutes to research part numbers on your computer or in the store just might not cut it.
Lost in the woods...or on the road and don't want to be lost later on - record your trip and landmarks in the notebook because you might be needing it later. Phone numbers, access codes or addresses? Try getting that out of your USB Drive on the fly. You can label pages with appropriate titles to direct your attention to the right pages and have one end free to write and detach notes for others if need be.
Maybe you don't have any gear that is electronic and don't care to. In that case these pads and papers should be in your plan. Small sizes fits in your shirt pocket or pants....large sizes will pack well and fit in cargo pants.
You should also maintain your emergency Medical Information Forms found on the ICE4SAFETY website (free as always) on a waterproof paper so it will remain readable when needed. Simple,
Did we forget to tell you to include the ICE Sticker on the covers to easily discern the pad from your grocery is weather resistant as well! Purchase Rite in Rain and Space Pen Supplies Here. Download ICE Medical Info Forms Free Here.

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