Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Snowmobile Safety 2011

Once again the white stuff is here and in great quantity for those of you lucky enough to have snow like Oswego County and the Tug Hill Regions of New York. 
When you are having this much fun, few of us want to consider "emergencies" or "preparation" so the time to get that out of the way is BEFORE you head out.

Having a game plan and making sure that if you (or your sledding buddies) have certain medical conditions, take certain medications, have serious allergies, special needs or maybe just want relatives notified ASAP in an emergency - then ICE is for you.  

ICE can play a roll in improving your odds of getting the correct medical treatment in that critical "Golden Hour" of intervention. 

Even if you don't live in the snow belts but travel to some of the other great white spots in the country for this recreation or sport, then being prepared beforehand is an absolute must.    This is especially important if you sled alone as some folks do. Having a well though out emergency kit on hand at all times and knowing how to use it ahead of time will go a long way in saving your butt!

In an emergency, First Responders or fellow sledders will notice this symbol and realize that you are equipped with emergency contact and medical information in the form of ICE Cards, ICE Medical Forms, Smart-ICE in their smart phones, or Emergency Contacts & prerecorded messages programmed in their cell phones.  ICE is also used in/on your vehicles where you can store additional information or back up copies as well. Redundancy works!

There is nothing worse than you or your buddies not having a clue about how to help each other out in an emergency - it could spoil your whole trip.  

Basic ICE Kits are free to those who send a SASE to the address below.  Your sledding group can also get quantities for members and make sure everyone is up to speed on using ICE and "carrying" - it is a no-brainer! 

Oddly, some people will spend $6-7K on a new sled and won't take 5 minutes to prepare for an emergency....just don't let that be you. 

Just so you would know how the new ICE Stickers might look on your sled we had Ed Coombs, a professional NASCAR photographer take some representative photos of a fully decked out snowmobile and rider to demonstrate various locations where ICE can be used on your machine. For effect, the helmet is clearly marked with a large ICE Sticker and which can be easily recognized even from a considerable distance.  We've had them outdoors for a few years on street signs and they still are looking good.

There are plenty of ways you or your club can use and help support the use of ICE as a preparedness tool in all seasons and in your home communities,  so check out this blog and the new website. 

Make every trip a round trip - be prepared!

Thank you NYSSA for bringing this message to your members and readers!

Check them out here.   http://nyssnowassoc.org/ 

PO Box 82
Dewitt, NY 13214 USA

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