Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back to School

It is that time of year again.....what happened to Summer you say? It was suggested that school is right around the corner again and maybe a good time for teachers or administrators to develop a lesson plan on being prepared......imagine kids the smarts to think about what to do in case of an emergency...not just fire drills......granted in some parts of the country we have instruction on what to do for regional disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and even flooding. So what about the rest of the country? Guess you would have to ask yourself that question and then take some action. Since ICE is free here it shouldn't hurt your tight school budgets any and kids already know about their "fave 5" in their cell phones....taking it further couldn't hurt.
So, any teachers out there who would like to submit a lesson plan for elementary, middle school and high school curriculum...feel free. We'll post it and you get the cred. Colleges are taking some action now partly in response to some real terrible incidents involving deranged individuals with guns...good for remember the story about the police officer hurt on duty who was a single one knew for quite some time who to contact when he had to have emergency surgery while on the, you would think- right? what are the chances when your kids are out of the home in an unfamiliar town and off-campus somewhere enjoying themselves and get in harms way....just when might you be finding out.

Your call. Education and ICE - good combo. Postcard Courtesy of Delaware Americorps 2007.

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