Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ICE at the State Fair

This very nice young lady sporting the ICE Hat will be representing the State of Delaware at the upcoming State Fair this month at a booth dedicated to promoting ICE ! Please stop in and say hello!

Kathleen Aviles works for the State as the Disaster Services Volunteer Coordinator (DHSS) and as such works directly with CERT Groups, DEMA, Americorps, Delaware Citizen Corps and the Governor's Office. These folks get it.

Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman gets it as well...members of his staff are currently distributing ICE Palm Cards at the PA Fair in the 19th District this week and we are told the reception has been indeed quite positive!! Thank you Deb Woolson and Senator Dinniman for being advocates for personal preparedness!

Now let's see...if you were the head of an ambulance corp, fire company, boating safety/power squadron, police or university security force looking for a simple way to advance the safety agenda this summer...and you finally ran out of all those "Dial 911" stickers ....
you might want to consider doing what these folks are doing.

Lost Kid Tags are quite visible with the always free ICE design on them....that is a suggestion for the New York State Police...just in case they happen to visit this site.....
You can design your own template for these using the tools we describe in the blog.....way too easy....

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