Saturday, August 4, 2007

Unique Water Rescue Tool and An Idea......

Here is a really great device from Hyde Engineering Group in Brooksville FL. Check out how it works at

The Liverpool, NY Police Department was recently featured on television demonstrating the use of the rescue tool being carried by their department which patrols a large shoreline along Onondaga Lake and the adjoining parks/marinas.

This forum doesn't endorse any particular safety products but this one caught our eye as it helps demonstrate the other potentially effective uses for ICE as a universally recognized symbol of preparedness.

Since this symbol was developed and protected with free educational use as the goal, it makes perfect sense to adopt it for this purpose. Other commercial products will lock you into their profit picture. Who does that serve? You have options and they are good and getting better - still all for free!

So, ICE4SAFETY.COM will be soon be facilitating a way for people to acquire high visibility and durable ICE Stickers in a variety of formats that adapt to a variety of other common sense is not just for cell phones anymore folks....if you can afford to do it yourself....go ahead ...just don't be selling them for a profit .....its not about the money here folks..its about getting the job done right and doing it for the common good.

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