Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ICE Spreads Worldwide 2008

Website statistics have shown a significant increase in site traffic from over 68 countries worldwide.
With several thousand visits to the site in just a few short weeks, it is apparent that more people are interested in learning about the concept and spreading awareness in their countries.

Thank you .....Germany, Russia, Finland, Brazil, Chile, India, Pakistan, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, China, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Sweden, Ireland, Philippines, Israel, Croatia, Vietnam, Greece, Romania, Iran, Venezuela, Columbia, Malta, New Zealand, Serbia, Libya, Thailand, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Kuwait, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Austria, South Korea, Aruba, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Guam, Hungary, Slovakia, Columbia, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Slovenia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile, Croatia, Trinidad and Tabago, Dominican Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, USA....and it continues....

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