Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ICE Success - Hearing Loss Association - Florida

Another ICE Success Story and encouragement for other seems the Levi JCC provided some ICE Brochures and Stickers to Oscar Segal, the President of the largest chapter of the HLA in Delray/Boynton Beach Florida.
Oscar in turn created a PowerPoint Presentation for members using the information provided in the brochure at the monthly meeting of the HLAA on 9-19.
Oscar did so well presenting about ICE that he has now been invited to present at several other local organization meetings in his area! Go Oscar!
How perfect a match is this? ICE as a tool for use by those who suffer from hearing loss....add HLAA to the growing list of those recognizing the value of using ICE! You can learn more about this organization at the link below.

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