Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prep Tip - Fueling Vehicles

Many of you may already be carrying a spare fuel can or plastic fuel container just in case you run out of gas.

Many of the fuel containers now available at Lowe's or Home Depot or Tractor Stores will be equipped with new vapor/spill resistant spouts.

They were designed to prevent vapor escaping into the atmosphere from the spilling of gas....for home tractors, lawn mowers and small engine implements. They were NOT designed to refuel automobiles (read the label).

Passenger vehicles since the 1980's will most likely have an anti siphon flap and a nozzle door at the beginning of the fueling hose going to the tank. This will make fueling using one of these "lawn and garden gas cans" quite an exercise in futility. Fuel will spill all over you, the car and the ground. In some states we found the old fashioned plastic containers but they were cheap.

Even if you plan on using a military gas container (Scepter Plastics from Brigade Quartermaster) or a real safety can like that pictured here, you will still need to purchase the $3 funnel. It works and is hands free once inserted. Auto Zone, Pep Boys or similar auto stores will have them.

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