Friday, December 19, 2008

ICE Vehicle Emergency Info Kit

As mentioned on the website blog....we now have 2x2 inch UV and weather resistant ICE Stickers to enhance your use of ICE as a Vehicle Emergency Info Kit.

This is too simple and for free (one per family) you can have your vehicle outfitted with ICE. No, the stickers won't dial out for you when the airbags deploy.... but you can purchase OnStar for that.

What this simple method does is make it even easier for responders to notice that you have emergency information on board. You won't be able to do this with those medical bracelets or the phone stickers that no one recognizes....but the bright safety colors used in the ICE Sticker will attract attention. We had it on a dozen cars the first day and we must say it does actually look good!

You just cannot miss the sticker.....suggest lower driver side rear window and driver side back window lower left corner(toward front of car).

The theme here is redundancy...we will continue to use the word to pound that message home.....never rely on any single tool for your safety preparations. You can use multiple cards and forms in various locations if you are an active person and ski, boat, hike, camp, run, bike, roller blade, surf, snowmobile walk the mall......or go off roading.....the list goes're covered.

That way when you get out of your vehicle....ICE is still with you.

Here's the Drill...

  • Place large sticker(s) on the front and rear exterior of your car (optimally) - don't place them in the arc of your wiper blades or where it will obstruct your view and violate traffic codes as that would prematurely wear out the sticker. (One free by SASE)

  • Outfit your glove box with completed ICE Cards and self sticking clear Card Holders. (Free by SASE)

  • Keep a completed ICE Card (Basic Contact or the new Medical Info Card) in your wallet. (Free by SASE)
  • Program your cell phone (if you have one) with contact info using the E.123 Method. (Free)
  • Affix the smaller ICE Sticker on your cell phone. (free by SASE)

  • Complete a Medical Info Form (free online)
See our previous blog about vehicle emergency kit is never too late. Yes, snow will cover up the stickers under some conditions, so clean off the snow before you travel. If you remember that nothing is perfect, your life will be less stressful.
Ok, that was pretty see if you can get this setup for free anywhere else. We will be reporting on the various other uses for this sticker in subsequent blog articles and on the website.......this will make it much easier to organize and be prepared.
Public safety agencies take note.....this will be a great tool for your community safety programs.

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