Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ski Season Is Here!! Great Time for Using ICE

Whether you are going downhill on skis, boards or any winter sport or you are managing a ski resort operation, using ICE has never made more sense! ICE can benefit both the winter sport enthusiast as well as the businesses that provide the fun!

Being in a remote location, away from medical facilities and what we are normally accustomed to can increase your risk in an emergency. Using ICE and being prepared can reduce that risk and help others better serve you in an emergency. It also makes perfect business sense.

We are all on the slopes to have fun and getting sick or injured is not usually part of the thought process when arranging our day out. As safety professionals, we recognize that all too well and have provided ICE as a part of the solution to this potential problem. Being prepared in any venue that can be risky is simply being smart. It might also mean the difference between having a great time or a totally ruined vacation.

Ski managers can use ICE as a Safety Icon throughout their facilities - people can be trained in seconds to recognize the high visibility symbol that can represent safe areas, emergency equipment, communication centers, first aid stations and preplanned evacuation sites. Strategically placed posters can reinforce this message alerting downhill folks about ICE. These can be placed at lift sites, ticket kiosks, locker rooms, entrance ways and at the end of the lift so everyone gets the message. It works for seniors, juniors and staff.

This is really too easy - and for you managers facing tough economic times because of the weather, relax because this system won't bankrupt you or your customers.

Ski Patrols can sponsor safety programs by distributing ICE Stickers and ICE Cards to skiers and boarders (and patrollers) at their ski shacks and at the lodge when people are picking up lift passes. You can even integrate ICE into your ski pass system using 2D Barcodes or RFID and scanners can become a part of the emergency equipment and lift setup.

You can even mail them out ahead of season to schools using your facilities so when the inevitable injury occurs (not to you of course!) ski patrollers can respond more effectively and quickly in helping you. If you were a school risk manager and had to recommend a slope with a good safety program.....wouldn't you pick one that used ICE and insisted upon more than ski etiquette or the traditional adult left in the lodge carrying the emergency contact list.

What is your backup plan? ICE even has a workplace Emergency Action Planning Tool and weatherproof posters that can mean locating the information around your facility so everyone can become familiar with what to do in a mass evacuation or disaster.

ICE information and hyperlinks can be placed on your mountain website to show your commitment to safety and that you are taking it to a really personal level by providing your customers with more than simply a piece of mind!

ICE is truly international in scope, using the non-language dependent E.123 Standard can help first responders recognize emergency information anywhere around the world. ICE is even linked from the well respected website at

We won't get in to the various logistics and communications (not to mention LANGUAGE)challenges each ski area faces but you can be certain that getting information and making contact with someone who knows you and can help is one that can always be improved upon!

Managers - ICE can be as high profile as you like, it is inexpensive - but effective, the tools are easily adapted to your site in minutes, they are free (now you are listening) internationally recognized, easily understood, can be great for promotional events like Helmet Safety or Race Days and can be used by your employees, ski patrollers (their families too!) as well as your patrons. Your mountain can sponsor the distribution of this safety program for increased public recognition. Integrate ICE into your written safety program - we have that.

Customers will take this safety system with them off season as well - in their car, their wallets and to their friends and relatives.....that might mean more repeat business!

Did we mention you can place your logo or website address on the ICE items your distribute (free)? Yes, that too! Need a fundraiser for the patrollers? Use ICE in that event.
Designed by a skier, paramedic, public and industry safety professional, we know this works.

It has been a public service for over 3 years. Our hand is not in your pocket. We still provide free ICE Tools for those sending a SASE to us. If you want to sponsor part of the giveaway program - let us know and your business can benefit by free advertising on the ICE websites.

Skiers - This just makes great common sense - and the ICE Sticker on your board, skis or helmet with your Medical Info Form or ICE Card in your bibs or jacket ski pass window can be in addition to your cell phone being programmed with emergency contact information.

Be prepared - and have a really great ski trip! See you out there.....

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