Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ski Safety Ideas - Winter 2008/2009

Since we are on the topic of ski safety and using ICE for winter recreation, here are some ideas for you on simple safety poster creation and actual use of and ICE Sticker on a ski helmet.

These pics were taken at Labrador Mountain in Truxton, NY [] recently where the ski patrol was conducting training.

This poster took just a few minutes to make and if rotated with some other posters around the lodge, might get some attention and reinforce the "be nice" signs you'll see on the ski lift towers.

Face it, you can be nice as they come and still get whacked pretty bad by some totally irresponsible (or novice)person on the slopes who is not.

Time during an emergency is important - sometimes communications in remote ski areas is less than ideal - cell phones won't work, radio system interoperability is not established or staffing shortages causes a delay. Family plans often do not include what to do in an emergency - just when to meet for lunch.

For the five or ten minutes it takes to complete an ICE Card, place an ICE Sticker on your helmet (or skis) and fill out a Medical Info Form you can improve your odds of survival markedly. No program where you are? No problem - SASE to ICE4SAFETY gets you the ICE Materials FREE.

Parents? Are your children participating in a school ski program after school? Is your school safety plan as comprehensive as you'd like it to be. If not, then it might be time to speak up.

We are full time safety professionals that review and recommend safety programs all day long for a living. BS is simply one thing that won't pass muster in an emergency. Nice part about ICE - when ski season is over, you can use it for rollerblading and kayaking next summer.....

Take control of your own safety and don't take it for granted or entrust it to people who don't place that as upmost in their business plan. Ask yourself what level of safety preparedness are you willing to settle for? (Answer: The Best of Course!)

Let your ski mountain know about ICE and that you are using it. The Local and National Ski Patrol is a truly dedicated group of people - some of the best in fact...we know first hand about that! So, help them out will ya please! Snowmobilers and Ice Fishing is next.....

Ski Helmet Equipped with ICE Sticker

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