Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ICE Card Posters for Stand Alone Displays

Just when you thought it couldn't get any easier....now we have taken the guess work out of how to get the ICE Cards on display in places where people can see them.

Using a plastic poster and card display found at office supply stores ($11) we made up posters that allow you to place your organization's name/logo on them and place them on counter tops and point of sale areas for people to learn about ICE and acquire the cards easily.

We have made up posters for the basic contact cards, medical info cards, international cards, health care proxy cards and for whatever card you feel like displaying.....the display units have clear plastic card holders built right into the lower right corner of the units making it easy for people to see and take a card. The cards themselves make up the display in that corner of the poster.....smart, huh?

We are getting them out there to police departments, doctor offices and a host of other places....

Let us know what you want on your poster and we will send you the file (free of course) in MS Word or PDF and you can print your own. We will place them online soon.....

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