Friday, January 30, 2009

News 10 Now & Oneida NY Discover ICE

Folks in Oneida County, New York should now look forward to their local Ambulance Corp to promote the use of ICE in their community.

News folks should be a bit more cognizant of the latest practices about ICE and should avoid outdated information from Wikipedia, circa 2005.
Don't program your phones using ICEMOM, ICEDAD, ICEHUSBAND - instead use the E.123 Method we detail on the blog and website.


You might want to contact your local EMS Provider and see when they are going to sponsor an ICE giveaway or fundraiser for your community. SASE availability for free ICE materials is still in effect!

Any legitimate organization/company now wishing to sponsor the giveaway of the Large ICE Stickers can drop us a line. is sponsoring the standard ICE Sticker giveaway now. Thanks.

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