Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ICE Vehicle Safety System & Snowmobiles

While we are on the topic of winter sports, here is a perfect use for ICE.

Snowmobiles work in remote areas often outside the range of cell phones or radios...mostly in underpopulated areas of some of the snowbound states.

County Sheriff's and State Police with sled patrols have a perfect opportunity to spread the use of this preparedness tool during their operator safety training sessions and trail interventions (aka "roadblocks").

A few hours on a trail and some distance by foot from civilization in below zero weather takes some advance preparation. When accidents or mechanical failure or medical issues come up it certainly is wise to have more than plan "B". Add too much alcohol and some drivers may become your worst nightmare on the snow.

Place an ICE Sticker on your sled, complete the ICE Cards, program your cell phones, attach a small ICE Sticker to them as well and complete a medical information form online to carry with you always! Simple. Never travel without a basic survival kit, tools and 1st aid kit.

Hey, we'll let the Sheriff's tell you about the rest for right now...

Snowmobile groups? By now you should have figured this out already....have fun and be safe!

Link to the New York State Snowmobile Association - NYSSA.

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