Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowmobile Safety - Using ICE

It is definitely that time of year again and for those of you lucky enough to have snow like Oswego County and the Tug Hill Regions of New York - ICE can play a roll in improving your odds of getting the correct medical treatment in that critical "Golden Hour" of intervention.

Just so you would know how the new ICE stickers would look on your "sled" we had Ed Coombs, a professional NASCAR photographer take some representative photos of a fully decked out snowmobile and rider to demonstrate the various locations where ICE can be used on the machine. Notice (hard not to) the helmet is clearly marked with a large ICE Sticker and can be seen for a considerable distance.

ICE Cards are carried by the rider, his cell phone has emergency contacts programmed in using the international E.123 Standard, an Emergency Medical Info Form is carried and marked with an ICE sticker as well. A completed ICE Card can also be attached to the inside surfaces of the snowmobile to provide instant access to the information. If you would like to keep the card out of plain sight for when you park outside the gathering spot - try the storage compartment or an alternate document holder on board.

Ed says because the plastic cowlings are so slick on the new machines you might want to place the stickers on some equally visible surfaces that weren't designed to resist stickers. As you can see, this did not present any problem.

Now, see what kind of looks you get from the Sheriff's Patrol when you stop at the inspection checkpoint! ICE - we deliver! Thanks Ed!

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