Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank You OnStar

On Star advertisements on the radio recently were heard to say that "cell phone based" emergency contact systems were not reliable or useful in the event of an emergency.

There is some element of truth to that OnStar, so thank you very much for the free support of what we have said here all along...which is that basing your entire personal safety plan around (a cell phone or car based system) one single safety measure is foolhardy.

So, unless you live in your car or next to the refrigerator in your house - OnStar and Info Vial programs aren't going to serve all your safety needs. Both of these programs were meant to serve one purpose - increase sales of cars or prescription drugs.

GM is going bankrupt right now so maybe they felt it time to take a swipe against those folks who might not be able to afford the pricey $500-600 a year on vehicle based safety program - or the new car they come in either. What is the company's public service message? Buy more OnStar. (How does that work when you decide to travel in someone else's car anyway?)

Maybe the government initiated vehicle VIN# based ICE notification project started 4 years ago isn't moving along fast enough (or at all) now for GM - who knows and who is waiting anyway.

ICE4SAFETY's public service of providing a simple, yet effective emergency contact and info system (DIY) method is working - RIGHT NOW.

No, it is not satellite based but you don't have to purchase a car to get it either!

We also noticed Verizon Wireless Service being mentioned on the OnStar website.....reminds us about that old adage of doing something unpleasant where you eat.....Verizon is the only mobile service offering "cell phone based" ICE on their phones. Oh well.

Thank you for lending support to the idea of redundancy - even if that was not the original intent. And hey, there is nothing wrong with having OnStar on we said - don't make it all you count on in an emergency.

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