Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boy Scouts Embrace Preparedness Concepts

It was no surprise when Tom Sciacca from CampingSurvival.Com and ICE4SAFETY co-hosted a group discussion with BSA Troop 888 in Oswego, New York last night. We were welcomed by an enthusiastic (large) and well informed group of Scouts and parents who found the discussions on wilderness and urban preparedness/survival to their liking.

What a tremendously polite and attentive audience we had!

Oswego lies in the Lake Effect Snow Belt of New York State and they get pounded yearly with records amount of they have an understanding for the need to be prepared. Scoutmaster Steve had made sure everyone was on top of their game for the evening when the scouts and the adults were engaged in the discussion.....we were having such a good time, Steve had to remind us when to leave!

Scouts got to sample some of Tom's survival ration bars while washing it down with some white pine needle tea which was brewed on the spot. A tip from the audience - white pine needles come arranged in groups of five - white has five easy to remember.

Our friend up above demonstrated for everyone how warm (and how much fun) he could have by just draping himself with one of the ICE4SAFETY survival kit rescue blankets - just one of the various practical survival tools demonstrated that night.

Realistic survival techniques and consideration discussions ranged back and forth from wilderness to urban situational awareness to evacuation or sheltering in place concepts during an emergency. The group was actively engaged and challenged to participate in the discussion about "dressing for success" and the concept of the "Gray Man" principle. There were some humorous moments for sure.

Survival rule of three (3) was driven home more than a few times as well....3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. We supplied the scouts with hand outs about Vehicle Emergency Equipment, Emergency Medical Info Forms, ICE Cards and Stickers, Brochures and of course MRE's (for home) and those survival ration bars ......they grow on you.

You probably won't see these scouts going to the winter ski hills dressed in summer flip flops and pajamas anytime soon like their young school friends - they know better. It looks like these folks will also be checking out a favorite survival school in the near future to further advance their learning experience.

One last point that was stressed - when it comes to being personally prepared....if YOU are prepared, then you will be able to actually help others (neighbors, friends, family) who may desperately need your help.

The Scout Motto to "Be Prepared" is as relevant today as it was when it was first adopted by the Scouts. Actually it has been in vogue since 2001. will feature more pics of the event shortly as well.

Thank you Scoutmaster Steve and Troop 888!

Girl Scouts next? Already been asked.....

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