Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preparedness Reality Check - Neighbors

An excerpt below from a note sent to Camping Survival about the reality of preparedness and what to expect from your neighbors going forward...

Will they be lifters or leaners in an you determine that NOW and not when the SHTF and they are at your door begging for help or supplies they should have had the brains and foresight to do (for) themselves.

Remember this is just in 2008 - after lessons from Katrina and numerous storms and flooding and hurricanes...path of least resistance again.....

You won't get this reality check from the fluff artists mentioned in the blog entry below.
* * * * seem to have gathered a lot of things together that I have either been looking to get or replace in my cabinets for a while. I too like to be prepared. Last summer, my area was hit with flooding.

Most of my neighbors didn't even have a flashlight. They were lucky it was summer or they all would have frozen to death. The part that gets me is that there isn't a one of them that has taken steps to remedy their past folly.

They learn nothing from their past mistakes at all. They all came to me as soon as they knew I had a little food and clean water and some flashlights though and some didn't bother to pay or return them to me.

They all have jobs and have money, I am disabled and live off of a stipend from my old job. Next time it won't be so free. I can't afford all these FEMA babies.

Not only didn't they have flood insurance but they hoped the government would help them when the chips were down.

So anyway, I will be back to your site when I can and I thank you for having what you do for those of us who have a brain.

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