Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ambulance / Fire / Rescue / Business All Get New ICE Placard


Brand New, large 8 x 8 inch square reflective weather resistant ICE Stickers for your ambulance, fire rescue, emergency action equipment, utility trucks, construction safety notice boards (EAP) or whatever other safety related use you had in mind!

If you want to prominently announce your ICE Program as you drive down the road - night or day? The 3M Scotchlite Reflective Sheeting Background makes "ICE" show up like it was back lit. This also removes any ambiguity as to whether your company has an Emergency Action Plan in place at your facility or job site and how it is represented.
We have posters (or make your own from templates) to support this as well on the website.

Large enough to be seen for quite a distance but not too big to be obnoxious, the new weather resistant sticker is a useful tool to "umbrella" all the various EMS/Safety Related Icons and one that can be instantly remembered and located in an emergency (important).
People can easily associate this symbol as the same one on their ICE Card or the ICE Sticker or Icon on their cell phone which dramatically reduces recognition time needed.
Ineroperability afficionados would agree that having one easily recognizable sysmbol in lieu of a plethora of confusing and conflicting icons representing safety in an emergency would make perfect sense.
As you can also see, there is no advertising on this symbol like something you'd expect from a drugstore promotion where the symbol is shared up to 50% by advertising which adversely hinders recognition.
If need be, special order stickers from the licensed provider can accommodate one line of text at the bottom if that is a must.

ICE4SAFETY is right now working with EMS/Fire/Utility providers to initiate their own ICE Programs and will have these stickers professionally placed on rigs in plain sight. We have seen them on the vehicles and they look real sharp too.
We appreciate the pride you take in caring for your equipment so we took the time to get this right. The edge of the sticker is just the backing showing....more pics shortly.

You will see these made available online straight away. Need one in a hurry, just send us an email. We ordered a lot so you can pay less....$18 each.
The delivery of emergency medical services just got easier.....stand by for ambulance photos to follow.....

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