Thursday, March 19, 2009

IDEAVS - Driving Safety Group - Ocala Florida

Here is a novel group in Ocala, Marion County Florida that is helping law enforcement identify impaired drivers on our roads before they end up killing us. They are new, but dedicated to their mission. They also are helping spread the good word about using ICE in Marion County!
Right now they are sharing a website with EYE4TRAFFIC at the following web address:
Message from IDEAVS from the traffic safety website...
"IDEAVS is a new organization currently being formed in Ocala, Marion County Florida. Though the basic mission of the group is to supply impaired driving education and victim services, the formal mission statement is currently being written.
By identifying the devastating facts of impaired driving, we stand in force to educate our fellow citizens and to help those whom have been victimized.

We have this well educated idea that we can vs impaired driving and make a difference in our community and of those around us. With this in mind, why don't you join us in our quest to save lives. We all know that "One more victim is just one too many!"
For more info please contact us at " In Ocala? Check them out.

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