Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Great ICE Idea !

Local Community Organizations or Public Agencies looking for support from merchants might consider this adaptation to the ICE 2x2" Outdoor Sticker.
As seen here, Camping has placed their sponsorship text on the bottom of each and every ICE Sticker so there is no mistaking who is funding the giveaway. A Great Sponsor!
Turns out that this process has resulted in additional merchant name recognition for the sponsor by recipients.
Another no brainer here....
Note that there is negligible impact on the recognition of the image (primary purpose) in contrast to other so called promotional efforts like drug chain giveaways. Certainly, groups can have their own name here (Boy Scouts, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Biking or Church Groups.....and more).
We also have a new way to subsidize certain group purchases if your organization qualifies by having a definitive plan to promote ICE that also includes a free website for your group as well.
What was it those other guys were doing for you again? Right.
It just gets better.

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