Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Promote Your Organization!

Looking for ways to make sure your effort to promote ICE in your community gets the proper recognition?

We can place your organization's name or web address to the 2 x 2 inch stickers that you distribute to the public or within your company. Law enforcement, ems, fire, utility companies, nursing homes, wheelchair transports and local government and charities can all benefit from this simple addition.....you can only do it with this mark.

The application of this one line of text will not detract from anyone being able to readily distinguish the mark unlike those drug store vial adds. They have to promote their products while ICE4SAFETY can promote your organization.

So, do you still need convincing that ICE is suitable for your next community service project?

Let us know when you decide to move forward with your project and we can make it happen.


UPDATE 3-13-09: One business owner has realized he can reach out directly to 2000 customers for far less cost using this ICE Sticker printed up with his business web address.

This ICE Sticker will become a permanent reminder who the sponsor was and the goodwill it generates has already proven to drive business to the company website. The latest batch will go on to support an Ambulance Corp.'s ICE Program.

This shows how easy it is to get the attention of local business people who know a good marketing tool when they see one. Easy - Now Simple - Always Smart!

The first sponsored stickers are IN...and pretty awesome....and some new ideas have come about on how to provide public service agencies or groups cost effect means to promote ICE.....N'ICE!!!

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