Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Storms Wreak Havoc in South

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We have been urging more self reliance here for quite some time and having preparations on hand for extended periods of bad weather, power outages, natural disasters and disasters of that nature. Understand that in times like these you need the help of others. Few people can be considered truly independent. If you can help yourself then you will be able to assist others in more dire need.

We witness here this past week, the worst natural disaster Kentucky has ever had according to news reports....the 2009 Winter ice storm has left 1.2 million people without power....from Texas to the east coast. 700,000 in Kentuck alone. That has since been updated now to a little over 400,000 persons as of this week.

Power may not be restored in some areas for up to two months. That is a long time to be staying at the local shelter. 42 persons have died - many from deadly fumes from their own electric generators.... 4600 National Guard Troops have been deployed across the multi-state stricken areas, many without chain saws. FEMA is there as the area is now declared a disaster zone.

One woman seen on television was living with a borrowed kerosene heater for her and her disabled dad - no money left for food or even kerosene to stay warm. This is pretty deplorable and sad. It is also a reminder that should motivate you to take some preparatory action if you hadn't done so previously. It has been a few weeks of lessons learned.....plane crash in NYC, Ferry Crash in VT, Bus Crash in AZ, ice storm in TX, KY and quite possibly a volcanic eruption coming in Alaska. Best to Be Prepared - no matter where you are.

Read About Kentucky Storm at Time/CNN
Update from a reliable business source>>>>
People calling frantically to suppliers of heaters and generators after the storm are displaying anger at the suppliers because UPS can't ship these items immediately and have them arrive the next day!
Imagine that.....wait until after the fact then become upset that you can't have your way? It is a bit late for that attitude...listen folks, if you still think someone else owes you "just because", then you have to wake up and smell the coffee. It just ain't so.

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