Monday, May 11, 2009

Prep Tip - Emergency Operations Kits

When you are in a hurry you want to be able to locate your emergency tools and backup equipment essential items easily but you do not want to spend hours looking for everything.
"To save time you need to spend time."
In this case you need to organize everything you need to run certain equipment like pumps, chain saws, generators, power tools and the like. This will become especially important when it is someone else who is actually doing the locating or the use/repair because you may be unavailable or called out to service (EMS/Fire/Business) in an emergency or simply be out of town.
One quick way is to utilize the military 5.56mm ammo can that is slightly larger than the .50 caliber ammo cans found in surplus and online stores. These can hold more and are usually in better condition. They seal up and protect from dirt, water and other crap that will destroy your important gear. Most likely won't float without help but they can be tied together and taped shut for added security in a flood situation. You can paint them an easily distinguishable color as well.
Labeled with ICE Stickers and descriptive labels the purpose is readily apparent.
These are fairly easy to open and they make locks that work to keep out nosey kids. Locks might also become a problem if no one has a key......
Here you have two such examples set up side by side or stacked, front and back views to give you an idea how easy this is to do. Gotta run? No problem...everything you need should be inside like oil, spark plugs, spare chains or gas connections, regulators, filters etc...
This also would make a fine container for storage of extended supplies of medicines and medical equipment that could be stored in a cool location in basements or refrigerators if need be.
Remember you may be using whatever is in the boxes for an extended period....
When looking for this type of can, ask for the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Ammo Can $10-$15 each. Cheaper than fancy tool bags, more secure than cheap plastic containers, easy to store. Can store nails and screws, hammer and drills too and they can be chained down in a group.

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