Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Safety Road Stop - ICE - EMS/Fire/Police

Safety Road Stop - How To

When: During a National Holiday, Special Event Weekend, Fireman's Field Days

Where: Roadside Rest Stop or Fire/EMS/Police Parking Lot/Campground etc.

Who: First Responders, Safety Organizations, Volunteers, Sheriff's/Police

What: Traffic or Community Safety Event , Car Wash,

Why: Awareness Public Service, Fundraising, Demo of New Equipment

Suggestions on what to do:

Schedule a date of combine this activity with previously scheduled public safety initiatives like roadside travel safety efforts or open houses, fundraising drives, local scout-church-social group car washes, firefighter field days, county fairs. (E.G. Memorial Weekend, July 4Th, Labor Day)

This can be designed as a drive in or drive through or a combination with a stop and learn opportunity with other safety organizations joining in your group effort. It can be an adjunct to an existing event (like field days) or a stand alone to promote preparedness. It can be all about your group or your local community/business concerns (best bet). Local Sheriff and Police have Child ID Programs they like to demo during these events. Give them a call.

Announce the fact your organization will be offering to provide free ICE Cards/Stickers and Information to those who stop by during your event time. Make sure you have plenty of room to handle the traffic flow and that you have several teams of people to handle multiple vehicles at once. One to talk the others to demonstrate or place stickers on/in vehicles.

The cards/stickers and literature can be sponsored by your organization or a local business who is community oriented.

Limit your activities to 5 minutes or so for each vehicle and if you are having a car wash then make this activity come after the wash when the car is clean. You might also opt to offer the discussion about ICE when the car is being washed as most people will not be doing anything at that time.

Have a prominently placed tent or shelter in place to protect your displays or PowerPoint demos or to get away from the distraction of the car wash. A big ICE Sign might be appropriate.

Now, this event would obviously get the attention of the local TV and radio media so don't forget that - take some pictures for your archives as well. Put out a press release to get the word out and make note on your fundraising literature and website (if no website ICE4SAFETY can help provide one free)

So......one scenario might run like this......we know ems/fire/police folks like training scenarios...
  • Wash the Car (optional, but nice idea - use a fire truck?)
  • Affix 2x2 Ice Stickers to Car
  • Install ICE Card Holders in Glove Box
  • Provide ICE Cards (Basic-Medical) to Driver/Family
  • Provide Medical Info Forms and Demonstrate How to Complete Online
  • Provide Tool Box Safety Talk on Using ICE in Cell Phones
  • Provide Cell Phone Sized ICE Stickers (1x1)
  • Provide and Demonstrate Selected Preparedness Topic (like an Emergency Vehicle Kit)
  • Campers, motor homes, boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes, bikes - affix Stickers and Cards too!

At this point you can tactfully ask for donations or ask people to join up as a volunteer. There will be other likely variations to this theme based on your location and the kinds of events your community has and how much effort you would like to expend. Everyone knows about ICE so it is easy to use this tool to get their attention.

If your equipment has a an ICE Placard affixed, well all the better that people see your support of their being prepared. If some people can't make it...leave an email or phone contact information on your website so you can mail or stop out to residents to get them outfitted with ICE.

So, for those who ask "what can we do" all the time...there you go.

Don't forget the refreshments!

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