Thursday, May 24, 2007

ICE - It Isn't Just for Phones Anymore


Many a politician and public official seems to have jumped on the ICE bandwagon at one point or another in the last year, espousing how wonderful an idea ICE is and that "everyone" should take part.

Can't argue with that! But what do your do next?

For starters you can visit the web site ICE4SAFETY.COM to get yourself up to speed on what you might do to improve your awareness and preparedness while travelling, hiking, biking, boating, camping or simply walking the street.

We live in an unpredictable world where things sometimes beyond our comprehension and control can happen. Sometimes these events can adversly affect our well being forever. You may chose to resign yourself to that fact and let fate take it's course, or you can decide that your life is a great gift and do some things to help yourself.

No, this isn't a site for survivalists - but many of those types of ideas do have merit and are now finding more acceptance in today's world. Case in Point -how many home generator installations did you see 10 years ago? How many do you see today?

Plenty of philosophical ideas on the merits of taking more responsibility for ourselves and to help others help us (like firemen, police, EMS, doctors, etc) in those times of dire emergency. We will try and dispense with much of that and focus on addressing how to use ICE. Feel free to contribute your ideas.

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