Sunday, May 20, 2007


In the event you are caught up in a situation that is beyond your control and you need to remove yourself from your home or office in a hurry - and maybe for an extended may be necessary for you to have taken some steps to ensure that you don't compound that situation by not being prepared. You will need to have some ID and some access to additional info as a "best practice".

You can, have some valuable info stored on an inexpensive USB Drive secured by password..not much good if you can't function - unless you share the password. But if this is not an issue, it could be a good alternative to lugging around your life's worth of documents. You can have important documents, licenses, deeds, medical info, photos of family/home/valuables/insurance policies/bank statements/investment info on hand and quickly using this method....The list goes on and we will place such a list on the ICE Tools section along with a storage document template. Use an ICE Sticker to differentiate the info inside as emergency info. Consider it as a backup to your everyday files if that makes you feel better.

This is the stuff that when SHTF and you have to leave your abode or work due to a hurricane/tornado/flood/hazmat release/ will have something to show FEMA or your insurance carrier to start getting your life back in order.....take the time now to save valuable time later when you are all messed up. Most people are lazy and won't take the time - smart folks will (and have) and these generally won't be the one's waving from the rooftops.

Best bet and simplest to do is an Excel Spreadsheet with multiple worksheets - one for personal info - one for inventory and photos - one for finances/life-health insurances - one for important document lists and emergency contact numbers. Have a folder of scanned documents including licenses, passports, ID's, AAA card, vehicle insurance/registration, home insurance, health insurance, credit cards....etc. Nothing like having you "stuff" together.

Okay your first thought is Identity Theft...don't leave it on the seat of your car. This is short term emergency storage - update as often as needed and store data more permanently on CD/DVD and secure in a safe/vault/other home/underground if so for emergency medical info use the ICE Card/Sticker and Med Info Form combo for immediate access to others.

We'll get into things like emergency gear and lists of things to have on hand during our day to day activities....soon. We will KISS first and drill down to more detailed info later.

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