Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Are you travelling or boating or camping or hiking, picnicking out of town? Is there a plan for what you will do in the event of an emergency? Will your family stand around with their hands up to their face screaming or mute in fear because you hurt yourself or passed out?

Gee, we hope not and if they do then maybe you should take the time to have a heart to heart with the family or your significant other. Who to call, what hospital, any special medical info pertinent to your treatment, allergic reactions to medicines.....this would be great stuff to forget about knowing you would be the only patient in the ER....but you won't and people make mistakes...plenty of them.

Here is a sobering thought...again....on average it takes 5.5 hours for your family or next of kin to be notified in the event of an emergency.

Take a few minutes, program the phone, fill out some info on a medical emergency form, tell someone where you are going, when you'll most likely be back and have some emergency contact info available in hard copy.

That's a start. Have a safe holiday! See you when you get back.

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