Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Keysure System and ICE Kits

The KEYSURE System - This unique and useful device has been around for over 15 years in use by people who want a cost effective, easy to use and verifiable system of protecting access devices or important information.

These plastic boxes that now come in 4 colors - Blue/Yellow/Red/Clear can be used to protect keys, money, access/credit cards, USB Drives, Emergency Medical Information, ICE4SAFETY Cards, computer passwords or emergency instructions...the list of uses is left up to you.

The device works like this - you sign your name inside the box in the white area place whatever you want inside the device, then squeeze it shut. The only way to get the contents out is to stomp on the box - breaking it open. This is depicted on the box. You can purchase a system that protects a quantity of these in a lock box for access control in apartments/hospitals/nursing homes/factories/prisons and such.

As a preparedness tool, you might locate your vital information here in a USB Drive or other smart card technology device when you are on the move and can't take your file cabinet or computer with make them even easier to locate for bugging out purposes you can cut up an ICE4SAFETY VersaCard for the ICE Image and affix to the front or back white areas.

If you have a relative that is elderly or disabled and has multiple care providers visiting - you might consider using these - screw it into the wall and place emergency money or info inside. Next time you visit you can be assured no one was pilfering property or the patient wasn't making false accusations - it works both ways. Simple.

Got guns? Got a gun safe? Got kids? Lock the trigger housing and place the key into the KEYSURE Box if you are away. When you come back and notice it broken open...well, you have problems. But you will at least know and can take some action.

Leaving keys with the neighbors...make them feel better knowing they can also tell if someone "borrowed" your key while you were away.

Check out the website for KEYSURE and watch the video at

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