Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Preparedness Tip - Marking Your Equipment

Next time you stop at your local hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot - pick up a couple of Sharpie 39100 Metallic Silver Markers.

Your kit may include one black and one silver metallic version so you have greater flexibility to write on everything.

Many of the items you may be marking up to save time when you may need it most are dark or black in color - you can't use black permanent markers for this task.

This marker will show up and mark up everything that is black. Black Sharpies can be used with ICE4SAFETY VersaCard Stickers

Logic: Your emergency equipment may need to be located or fixed in a hurry and finding parts or reading a manual in a storm, fire or a flood isn't practical. You may also be reliant on someone else to help you and they cannot be brought up to speed - or you may be without your glasses and can't read small print found on most everything nowadays.

Some Items to consider marking up in advance:
Bolt/nut sizes on critical equipment
Spark plug sizes on generators/engines
Contents of Rubbermaid type boxes/kit contents
Spare part numbers /hose/clamp/pipe/belt sizes/bolt-nut-shear pin sizes
Circuit breaker numbers/home circuit connection box ID/water-gas line shutoffs
Fuel cans/water treatment dates/water or effluent flow direction/fitting sizes
Food expiration dates/food mixing ratios
You should get the picture by now.....

If your printing is poor - think about using a label maker! But this method is expedient and it works!

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