Sunday, January 27, 2008

Uploading Your Cell Phone with ICE Image

Want to make sure you have the ICE Image on your phone? It's easy actually if you have a phone that can upload files...most every new phone that has a camera also has a Micro-SD card that you can download the web sized ICE4SAFETY Image to. You can get the web sized image file at on the ICE Tools page.

Most every phone store will have a Micro SD card and adapter kit so you can use your computer to manipulate the files. If you have a full sized SD or other card it is even easier as yo won't need an adapter for your computer...

If you don't have a Micro-SD card , you can download the image to your phone memory using a Micro USB cable.....if you are a techno savvy teen or young adult..... take a moment and lend a hand to some of the many technologically challenged adults out there so can also make this change on their phone.

You can make this image show up by changing your DISPLAY SETTINGS - both your FRONT DISPLAY (smaller) as well as the MAIN DISPLAY (larger) of your phone can show the ICE4SAFETY Image so there will be little doubt that you have ICE'd your phone.

Of course make sure you input your contact numbers....and for good measure you can drop in a current picture of yourself titled with your John Smith Phone Owner.jpg This might be a good idea for a public service event at fire/ems/police booths or even schools....use your imagination folks....

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