Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Preparedness Tip - Fire Kit Components

You will need water/shelter/food and a fire in many longer term situations - the reasons for a fire are protection/warmth/psychological/food preparation. If you are not that adept at scratching flint stone to ignite navel lint or rubbing sticks together to create that big bonfire then you will be served well by building in some redundancy to your fire starting kit.
Contents shown here are contained in a military surplus decon kit box (plastic) which can be worn on a belt and serve other uses like scooper/cup/bowl/tinder container to name a few. This kit is useful even for urban dwellers as well as those lost in the woods or relocating.
Kit includes:
Container - Windproof Butane Lighter (EMS-Gander Mtn) -Survival Weatherproof Boat Matches - Spark-Lite One Handed Fire Starter Kit -Vaseline Soaked Cotton Balls - Small One Foot Square Heavy Tin Foil - Magnesium Fire Starter with Striker - Solid Fuel Bar - Spare Tinder for Spark Lite Kit - Knife or Metal Striker Bar.
(Not Shown) - One Inch Wide Strips from a Rubber Bicycle Inner Tube - Wrap a few of these around the case or store them inside your kit...still burns even after getting wet!
You should be able to manipulate all of these tools with one hand to start a survival fire.
You may also include these contents in the Water Bottle Kit discussed in the blog from 1-1-08.
Practicing in different types of weather and locations trying to start a fire with some of these components may prove quite an arduous task for many. Better to know how ahead of time.
You can obtain these items online at Brigade/Nitro-Pak or or from a good army surplus store.

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