Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Phone Update - Apple Touch Screen Devices

In response to some inquiries about Apple products.....ICE4SAFETY stopped in to chat with two wireless consultants - James and Joshua at the AT&T Store in Shoppingtown. We learned about the latest touch screen phones also know as iPhones.

Apple also is the maker of another non-phone PDA-like and Wi-Fi Internet Access device known as the Ipod Touch. The Touch is a pretty slim unit capable of fitting in your shirt pocket. Despite not being a phone, it can store vital emergency contact information as well.

The original IPod is a non-phone/scroll wheel affair that stores music (iTunes) and video.

The IPod Touch and iPhone update their contact lists via a direct "synching" with a computer email program (Mac or PC). Synch is tech speak for "update". You can also update manually at any time too using your finger....the touch screen keyboard being infinitely more friendly than your cell phone.

You can create contact folders on the Touch and I-Phone and associate a picture or icon (ICE) with the contacts. You will need to update or synch the ICE4SAFETY Image into your devices or capture the image from the website (http://www.ice4safety.com/).

Latest software updates in January 2008 allow users to create new icons or widgets on your HomeScreen and place any four onto the Docket (see above)at the bottom of the screen. By creating an ICE Widget or Icon and placing it in the "docket" it will be displayed on all of your homescreens (you could create up to 8).

Update that ICE folder with contact information by manually inserting numbers into the list. You can rename each entry to reflect the order or type of contact - ICE1, ICE2, ICE DoctorSmith etc. If you have the earlier software you would need to access the existing "Contact" Icon or Widget on your home screen and enter a contact name using AA Emergency Contacts. The touch screen phones will list the contacts alphabetically by either first or last name.....you can select how using the set up menu option (e.g. Mark Smith or Smith, Mark). These entries scroll and can be longer than phone entries as the screens are larger.

New iPhones have 16 Gigabytes of memory - plenty of room for storing a photo of the owner (You) and the ICE icon as well. Remember - Redundancy....don't rely on this device alone.

If you might find yourself trying to use one of these someday - you should take a few moments to see one in action at the Apple link below...it is short and sweet.

Learn to use Apple iPhones Here!

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