Friday, February 1, 2008

Being Prepared - Advance Directives - Very Important!

One very important and often very sensitive subject is planning what medical treatment you want to receive in the event that an injury or debilitating illness renders you unable to communicate your wishes.

One part of your preparedness plan and practice would be for you to seriously consider learning about and constructing what is referred to in legal terms as an Advance Directive. They come in several forms and address different legal aspects of your medical care and who will be making decisions on your behalf.

You may have heard of a Living Will - Health Care Proxy - Health Care Power of Attorney - Do Not Resuscitate Order. Depending on what state you are in, the meaning of these terms and the legal options available to you may vary.

There are many good reasons to have these Advance Directives completed and available in the event tragedy strikes. No one can predict when we will fall ill or be involved in an accident - no matter how safe WE are there could always be something or someone out there that can change our lives forever.

You will find a number of links below to websites that are sponsored by professional organizations whose members deal specifically with these matters on a daily basis. We ask that you take the time to read the thankfully short but informative references here.

While you can find software that can help you construct the forms, there is plenty of information in the links below. You may also consider contacting your local bar association for the name of an attorney that specializes in this area. Your local hospital is sure to have some forms available either online or at the hospital. The state health department also has pertinent information in many languages as well.

If you can download and save the completed form - all the better because you will be able to print out several copies or include it in your important document files taken with you or provided to others for safekeeping. One link directs you to a service that maintains your living will and sends it to the hospital for you....worth looking in to and they have additional info as well per state.

It is as much about your receiving the kind of treatment you want or is best for you as it is about consideration for those who will be acting for you and their knowing what your wishes truly are.

New York State Health Department - Health Care Proxy in NY

University of Michigan Health System - Advance Directives

Ohio State Bar Bar Association - DNR Info

National Hospice Association

Society of Critical Care Medicine

National Cancer Institute - Advance Directives

Family Doctor.Org - DNR/Advance Directives

US Living Will Registry - Advance Directive Forms

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