Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Prepardeness Tip - Critical Information Storage

This form is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet with 7 individual worksheets that allows users the flexibility to record financial, medical, property, contact, important documents, personal and immunization info all in one document that you can customize easily - you can find this on the ICE4SAFETY Website DIY Tools page listed as the Critical Info Form.

The information you store on this form can mean the difference between spending weeks, months or years getting your life back together after a disaster. Proving your valuables existed for insurance purposes is a tedious and frustrating task - without records and photos - even worse.
Recreating licenses and proving who you are or that you possessed certain licenses or documents essential to your financial future is also fraught with problems.....and you will be in line with others no doubt - many others - most without proof of anything.

So spend the time NOW and complete the exercise in getting yourself together. If asituation arises where you must leave wherever you are in a big hurry or say your home burns down....the info stored with you in a USB Drive or CD off-site can help.

You can update at will and save as the date is refreshed whenever you open/save the document. You don't have to pay anyone else to do this - you can now do it yourself (DIY). If you have any difficulty with this tool, just let us know.

We worked it through some examples and each page format was checked so it printed out in standard 8.5 x 11 sheets. You will need access to a digital scanner that can convert your documents to files digitally and you will create a folder to store any inventory pictures you may take. You can hyper-link the property info to the picture for instant viewing if you like.

The format is straightforward so more people can use it easily. If you scan receipts for important items they can go into the folder as well. For a quick evacuation, store this info on a CD or a USB Portable Drive. If you keep it in a Keysure Box that would be helpful knowing no one else accessed your information. Keep it away from the wrong hands. Don't store this info on your computer either.

Take a good look at it on the DIY know you have been saying all along that you have to do this..... (no one wants to) so here's your opportunity. Click HERE to get form!

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