Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Storms and Being Prepared February 2008

The 68 storms that hit the southern states yesterday are indeed tragic as this picture shows....rescuers attempting to remove debris from College students trapped in their dorm that was torn apart by the tornados.
It looks like many people were caught unaware in the early morning hours as a series of freak winter tornados and high wind and hail storms affected Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Omaha with rains and flood damage in North Dakota.
Flooding is predicted for other areas as well that are already experiencing heavy rains and citizens are being told to expect the call to evacuate.
Some of us fortunate to escape this mayhem hopefully will now take the message to heart about helping themselves and neighbors be ready in the best way they can to survive then be able to recover from this kind of event. We extend our condolences to those who lost friends, neighbors and loved ones.
Loss of life is certainly very difficult for anyone to cope with and we must consider our rescuers as well in this regard. The less people they have to rescue or tend to, the less tragedy they have to deal with and more time they can spend with others more in need than ourselves.
Those of us that can help in some way should do so. No one is immune from these kinds of events it would appear.

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