Friday, December 18, 2009

To Be or Not to Be - Prepared

AP News Excerpt 12-18-09 about impending snow storm.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Hardware stores were selling out of rock salt, shovels and other winter supplies as a major storm moved up the Atlantic coast Friday, threatening a heavy coating of wet snow on the last shopping weekend before Christmas.

People also stocked up on groceries and other staples as the National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings from the Carolinas to New Jersey. Forecasters expected up to 20 inches of snow through late Saturday in the Washington metro area and the mountains of southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia.

Forecasters said it could bring the most snow in the nation's capital since a February 2003 storm dumped nearly 27 inches at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Up to a foot of snow was forecast in parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.......

In southern West Virginia, Ron Hart's hardware store had sold out of many supplies after a wind storm last week knocked out electricity for days. On Friday, he was swamped again as customers bought heaters, propane, generator cords and plugs, and insulating tape.

"People are having to spend money on bare essentials versus Christmas," Hart said. "Our Christmas sales are considerably down because of what people are having to buy."

Could these materials have been in place months/years ago and ready to go in the event of any such emergency. Sure could.

Not being prepared makes you reliant on government resources that might easily be stretched thin or unavailable depending on the severity of the event. You should realistically expect a three day event without assistance at minimum. Build your level of preparedness from there.

As for food supplies.....another no brainer.....having weeks, months or a years supply built up and being rotated in and out is a very sound best practice......

Swamping a hardware store last minute illustrates the level of unpreparedness that exists.....or that people are beginning to pay attention - however late...but paying attention.

That could be good.

Granted, 20 inches of snow is not a big deal to the Tug Hill Region of NY where 3-8 feet in one day is possible - but to a Mid-Atlantic State it sure is.

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