Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparedness Posters Debut - ICE 12-09

Simple - Right to the Point....Made to Order for your particular situation and emergencies in general. Can be posterized and can be used as a weekly preparedness safety topic of discussion or project.

ICE4SAFETY has a web page dedicated just to these posters so you can retrieve them whenever you want. http://www.ice4safety.com/posters.html

Got some poster ideas? Great! Feel free to let us know and we will include them going forward. Want some custom designed for your group? We can do that as well and deliver them....once again....free.

Remember - we can't and won't do everything for you - without some skin in the game you end up doing a disservice to your community by not taking an active role.

Once again....more free support for ICE users. It is not about stickers on phones anymore!

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