Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year - New Phone Reminder

Got Phone?
Make sure you remember to update the ICE features too!

You can upload the ICE Image onto your phone via the Micro-SD Card or via the Internet and make it your phone display wallpaper.

SmartPhone users can acquire an Application called smart-ICE that utilizes the ICE Image and can be viewed at or learn more at

Remember to also include the ICE Sticker on the back of the phone like in the picture here. You can acquire them free along with ICE Cards and Card Holders by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to the ICE4SAFETY address on the website.

You can see more of how the ICE4SAFETY System Tools can be used at or also by reading the many articles here on the Google ICE Blog.
As always, no gimmicks, no subscriptions or PC nonsense...just simple DIY, common sense safety and preparedness tips.
If you want the Preparedness Poster that demonstrates this is here easy!

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