Monday, December 28, 2009

Yet Another Terrorist Incident in 2009

Terrorism Strikes Again for 2009.

Some things we do know that might help you assess if terrorism is still a valid concern for you:

80 Grams of explosives were found sewn into the underwear of the terrorist. The infamous terrorist shoe bomber had 50 grams of the same explosive in his failed bomb attempt.

His terror affiliation was reported to theUS Government in Nigeria by the man's father - a high ranking minister in Nigerian government. The father was told by his son it was his last communication. This info was known well in advance of the flight he took.

The English speaking Nigerian had paid $2800 CASH for a one way ticket to Detroit and NO luggage for his cross continent trip. He was on a watch list. He did not have a passport.

DHS Chief Napolitano said the "system" worked fine, then recanted a day later when she said there were systemic failures and it did not work.

The White House spokesperson said the government cannot watch everyone on the "watch list" of 500 thousand. Fed Ex/UPS can track 75 million packages worldwide in the course of one day.

1000 or more Al Qaeda are in Yemen.

US Sky Marshall guards were not allowed on the plane because the Netherlands will not allow it. It was a civilian from Holland who thwarted the attack.

The UK denied the terrorist a student visa because of his terrorist associations. The USA granted him multiple entry visas. His visa was expired.

More terrorists are being sent to the US according to British sources who indicate 25 more have been trained by the Al Qaeda network. The number of attempted/successful terror attacks has increased - 8 in 11 months for 2009.

President Obama calls the incident an "alleged" attempt to detonate an explosive by a "suspect". The FBI confirmed it was in fact Petn binary explosive that was sewn into the terrorist's underwear. Added 12-31-09: The "suspect" has been provided top notch legal representation at no charge by the USA despite his family being wealthy and his being a non-citizen terrorist combatant.

US government spokespersons have discounted the fact the bomber may be a "legitimate" terrorist. Added 12-31-09: News media continue to call the terrorist bomber a "suspect".

Two of the Art Therapy rehabilitated terrorists released to Saudi Arabia from Gitmo in 2007 travelled to Yemen where they claimed publicly to have recruited, trained and planned this terrorist bombing plot for the Christmas Day Bomber.

US Congress already voted against funding airport full body scan equipment as intrusive and it is estimated that it would now take about 5 years to implement. Added 12-31-09: Netherlands has now implemented full body scans for all passenger flights to the United States. 19 airports in the US have full body scanners.

The only airline to successfully use profiling to deter this terrorist threat is the Israeli Airline, El Al - which so far appears to have worked consistently for 30 years.

Added 1-1-10: Since Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland by Muslim men in 1988, all attacks on commercial airliners have been by foreign-born Muslim men with the same hair color, eye color and skin color. Half were named Mohammed.

In January 2010 the US Government is scheduled to prosecute 3 Navy Seals for "allegedly" punching a captured terrorist in the face. The terrorist killed 4 US citizens in Iraq.

Sending the police to arrest them after they blow you , family members and first responders up is NOT the way to deal with these fanatics. They are not deterred by flamboyant words, ignorance, appeasement or weakness.

The religious leaders in Saudi Arabia have to stop funding Al Qaeda and declare this terrorist war an Un-Holy War otherwise it will continue unabated.

Make your decisions on being prepared accordingly.

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