Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Critical Info Form - DIY

ICE4SAFETY has had this Excel based spreadsheet tool online for several years now and it is still a relevent document in light of all the potential for catastrophe to occur resulting from one source or another....you will find it here on the DIY Forms Page

It is meant to be used by one or more family members.

You could complete the form as is or modify to your specific needs as directed in the "Read Me" comments inserted into the document. Once completed you can upload into a USB Drive/DVD and secure with your as you evacuate or secure underground or in a safe or with trusted relatives or maybe a copy in a bank vault.....all the time remembering that the information would be a gold mine for identity thieves.

No subscriptions required - no fees to pay - no membership to enroll in -no third-party to call - you control it. This is strictly a DIY tool.

In the event of an emergency requiring an immediate relocation you could access this info and take it with you if it were on a USB or portable secure drive. You could also place this information on an online file sharing database or backed up on a paid service that does this. If the internet is down or access is not available you could still have this information with you to help begin the timely and more orderly reconstruction of your life if your worldly possessions were destroyed. (it is also a great way to get organized - especially if you are sick.)

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