Friday, March 4, 2011

Product Evaluation - Kaito Voyager Radio

Radios - you'll likely need one WTSHTF. 

Some are worthless in an emergency and often lack the sensitivity to receive channels or only get AM/FM. 
Some are simply junk giveaway items or have fragile parts that break - ok, actually most of these are plastic and fragile unless you are buying a multipurpose VHF/UHF/MURS professional transceiver...

We don't want to sound elitist here so use whatever you can afford.  If you can afford a radio for around $50 then here is one that has considerable utility and may prove a lifesaver.  People seem to be able to buy $500 phones and $100 sneaks - so pop for one of these type of radios.
This Kaito also sounds good when played for everyday use so if convenient, keep one handy wherever you are. They come in different colors so each family member, vehicle, evac car kit or work location can have a different color if you wanted to differentiate them that way.

MultiBand Channels in Easy to Read Analog Dial
NOAA Weather Channels - including a Weather Alert Feature
Fairly Sensitive Tuner in SW/AM/FM/Weather
Rechargeable Battery Pack - NiMH Shrink Wrapped
Back Up Battery Pack - Suggest Lithium Ion AA for Storage
Solar Panel charging capable
Hand Crank Charger  90 Seconds Provides 15 minutes of radio use
LED Lamps - mostly seem like a gimmick - be sure to carry a good flashlight/headlamp.
USB Charger for phones - used to charge on board batteries or power external devices.
External Power - AC not supplied but you can find spare adapters around.
Case is "rubberized" and it has a useful strap.
Antenna is secured inside case against breakage - it is not tunable - so move the radio.
Earphone Jack for private listening or if main speaker fails
Comes with a variety of popular phone charging plugs sure to become obsolete in short order as they always do.  Suggest you mark them up before hand and secure the one you will need.
Weather Resistant (not waterproof like boat radios)

Battery compartment is fragile with tabs that break easily - use tape to secure it - you will not be using it often if you use the charger and store lithium AA cells on board.
Could use a protective carry case - find a cinch bag or camera case and make your own.
While it is "rubberized" we suggest you carry it in a bag/case as they are not built to conform to serious drop test standards


Bottom Line:
This is a utilitarian radio with useful features that can be used to support emergency communication in disaster situations and for short term use will provide a level of safety by self charging and being used to charge other devices.  Price is reasonable for the features.  Barely packable as it is not a compact radio but easily carried in briefcase to work, vehicle or other conveyance.  
We suggest you get the ac power pack for an additional $5.
You might also consider this radio to store in a faraday cage in case of an EMP attack.
Advertised Specs:
SW 3.2Khz - 22.00Khz
AM 520Khz - 1717Khz
FM 88.0Mhz - 108.0Mhz
Double molded chassis for ruggedized style (Defect in battery bay door - breaks too easy - tape it shut)
Dual Conversion Receiver
Dial Control - For fast tuning
Rotary volume controls
5-LED Flashlight with Red SOS Function
Band indicators for all band
NOAA Weather Alert Function
3.5mm headphone socket
3 inches 7 W full range speaker with enlarged magnet
Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass
Powered USB Port ( Power goes in and out)
6 mm (positive center) 4.5-6V power adaptor socket (To charge the batteries or run the radio from AC)
WxHxD in mm/in: 204 x 128 x 66 mm (8 x 5 x 2.6 inches)

Where to Get One:

Use Promo Code "ICE" to get 5% off (which is already $5 less than most others online....)


  1. I feel these would be "great gifts" for Holidays or Birthdays--instead of sneakers, smartphones or violent video-games. Younger people should learn about the importance of radios for information (rather than television)...Also, these cool radios could, or may be considered 'collector-items' in the future.

  2. I agree with the giving these as gifts track. I have just received one of these as a credit card bonus reward. I would wrap them and give to my kids and grand-kids with a marking on the outside....."Open in case of emergency". A sure way to get them to rip them open. I am presently located in the Colorado flood area which is a very large and unpredictable system.....more coming tonight. People keep asking " why didn't they tell us this coming......" Really !


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