Saturday, March 12, 2011

Radiation Exposure - Potassium Iodate

IOSAT Anti-Radition Medication

Nuclear Radiation incidents in Japan as a result of the massive earthquake there have prompted people here and around the world to review their planning for such an event. 

Japanese authorities are distributing Potassium Iodate tablets to citizens in the country where it is most likely radiation exposure would occur. 

These are some "expired" samples from a friends Bug Out Bag.   The IOSAT Brand has been around for a long time and you can usually acquire them at pharmacies.    You can buy a variety of anti-radiation pills online that block absorption of Radioactive Iodine into your thyroid.

Read the FDA Guidelines on these products here: 

CampingSurvival.Com has these available along with some other anti-radiation products, detectors as well as a very detailed explanation on how radiation affects your system and how this product works.

We might suggest that if you are conducting a "drill" today you consider your actions in such an emergency and how you have prepared to evacuate or shelter in place. Many of us are living close to such reactors.

Pray for those people in Japan who have literally disappeared as a result of the earthquake and Tsunami.

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