Friday, March 4, 2011

Product Evaluation - FoxLok

Every now and then a useful preparedness DIY idea comes along and then someone improves upon it and markets it. This is one of those ideas……

With a property related crime occurring every 3-4 seconds in the USA and security costs rising like all else, people have resorted to a variety of different ways to secure or hide their property and valuables.

An essential element of being prepared is securing assets and critical information in the event of a loss from man-made and natural disasters. Struggling for months or years to reassemble your life as some others have had to do is not advantageous to your long-term mental health or physical well being.

Some initial thoughts on this device:

  • It is simple to use and anyone with property can take advantage of it. Even if you don’t have property you can use it in remote locations.
  • It is durable and made to withstand the rigors of being buried.
  • It can be used for other purposes such as securing gear on a boat or similar craft if need be.
  • You can secure cash, certain valuables, coins, data backups on CD or high quality MilSpec USB Drives and a host of other items.
  • Certain firearms can be folded up or partially disassembled and most handguns can be stored along with properly sealed ammunition.

There are many places you can use this device…camps, homes, remote wilderness.

Some precautions….if you live in flood prone areas or one is anticipated then you need to consider burying where it might not be subject to a river of fast-moving water or it could end up in another county.

  • Photograph all the contents (not where it is being buried or pictured with the container) and leave some contact information inside in the event it becomes unearthed and an honest person finds it. Consider offering a reward?
  • If you are considering longer term burial, try leaving a foot of #2 round stone around the device to allow for drainage.
  • For winter retrieval in deep snow-covered areas consider triangulating some other landmarks or points to help you narrow down your digging efforts.
  • Don’t bury this in plain sight of your neighbors or during daylight hours if you can be seen by others. Don’t brag about having one of these to anyone.
  • Deep storage has advantages of keeping condensation to a minimum and items cooler in warm environments.
  • As added protection and piece of mind you should consider vacuum sealing your stored items and placing a fitted foam top or cover over the contents to prevent dirt from entering the enclosure when opened.

Now if you were considering securing your goodies in one of those big box store “fire safes” here is what they look like after a screwdriver (look close it is in front of safe) gets hold of them. They can easily “walk away” from your home or apartment too. 
They might make a good diversion to keep a burglar occupied for a while or until they get spooked enough to leave. Note the higher quality Gardall Safe took longer to defeat.
Consider leaving $50 inside as an incentive to quit and leave your house if they (burglars) make it that far.  Put something heavy inside so they think they got something. 

Need Info or Purchase Fox Lok

Defeated "Fire Safe"
Safe Photo Courtesy:
Fradon Lock Company Syracuse, New York

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