Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emergency Action Plans - Evacuation

How often do you overlook those evacuation diagrams in your office or when you are visiting an office complex....they may as well be braille for sighted folks in many instances.

OSHA tries to simplify the process and we blogged about that previously here.

As a component part of your company or organization's Emergency Action Plan you can use ICE as a tool to help immediately identify any/all documents, information, routes and pertinent equipment or resources using this simplified method.

Does your facility receive visitors? If so how do you orient them to the safety and evacuation procedures ? How do you handle subcontractors with new employees? Short term visitors?

You are likely going to say they are escorted around the facility right? When that system breaks down are you visitors left to their own devices? Orienting visitors upon their signing in can take from less than a minute to five minutes in many cases and is considerably more beneficial than if you did nothing.

ICE can be a cohesive and consistent identifying symbol of safety and preparedness in your facility - and elsewhere.

Try it out - overcome complacency. See our file uploads on Twitter as well.....

Visit: www.ice4safety.com

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