Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Aid Kit Basics

How many times have you heard the media pundits tell you that in order to be prepared you should have a "first aid kit" with your emergency supplies.

We are going to help you define what some agencies and the media have been generally reluctant to do. You can make adaptations as you see fit and as your skill level dictates...but first some thoughts on that ...

Practical Considerations:
Everyday kits come in many sizes - for biking, ATV, car, boating, camping, job etc..
The gear in the kit may be used by others that may be more skilled to use them than you are.
Many kits found in stores are inadequate for more than a simple emergency.
You might be called upon to use this kit many times during a disaster.
Constructing your own first aid kit (DIY) is a part of the training.
In an extended emergency (30 Days+) medical assistance may not be readily available.
Good kits will cost some money. We suggest that if you can - build your own. You may consider more extended disaster gear to have on hand to supplement your first aid kit for a long haul.

Having as much first aid training and reference materials on hand are important for long term emergencies or when you are sheltering in place. Certification is required for the everyday use of some of these materials....if your life is in danger you should not be concerned about that.

Learn how to do things in an emergency - if you get help, great - if not, saving your own life or that of a family member is what matters.

Suggested Home First Aid Kit 2-4 Person

First Responder Kit Bag or Fishing Tackle Bag or Specialty Bag/Tool Bag or Large Day Pack
Spray Saline or Wound Wash Bottle or Sterile Saline Liter Bottles (2) **
EpiPen - Prescription Required (2)
Personal Prescriptions Marked in Sealed Bag - Current Med List Completed
Foam Sam Splints "Pocket Cast" - Hand/Wrist Version (9")
Hemostatic Dressing/Bandage Combination - Quick Clot- Celox (4) **
Vinyl gloves that fit you (12 pair)
Vaseline Impregnated Gauze Pads (4) or Asherman Chest Seal &
Sterile Aluminum Foil Roll (1)
Providone Iodine Wipes/Swabs/Gauze (12)
Sterile Dressings 4x4's (12)
Sterile Dressings (aka Gauze Pads) 2x2's (12)
Multi-Trauma Dressings Large 12x30" (2)
Roll Gauze - 2" x 4yds Kling/Kerlix or similar Conforming Bandage (12)
Roll Gauze - 4" x 4yds Kling/Kerlix or similar Conforming Bandage (12)
Combination "SurgiPad" Trauma Dressings 8x7.5" (6) or Thick Feminine Hygiene Pads **
Assortment of "Band Aid" type adhesive bandages **
Large 8x8 Sterile Burn Gel Dressings (4) **
Instant Cold Packs (4)
Surgical Suture Kit (Military) with extra sutures (1) **
CPR Rescue Breathing Device (1) or Face Shields (2)
Roll Bandage Tape 1" (3)
Bandage Scissors - Large Medic Style (1)
Penlight (1)
Flashlight - Or Headlamp LED Lithium Powered (1)
Spare Set of Lithium Batteries for lights (1)
Chemical Lights - Bright White 30 Minute (4) **
Emergency Mylar Rescue Blanket (2) **
Triangle Bandages with Clips/Safety Pins 40x40" (6)
Air Resuscitator Bag - Disposable - Adult (1) (Training Required)
Esophageal Airways - Child & Adult (Restricted Items)
Activated Charcoal Suspension - Poison Absorbent 120ml (1)

Aspirin or Quick Release Crystals Single Dispenser Pouches (10)
Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope (Learn how to use it)
Waterproof Note Pad - Write anywhere Pen with Clip attached to bag
Medical Skin Marker - Black (1)
Ammonia Inhalants Package (1)
A & D Ointment or Vaseline Tube (1)
Bulb Syringe (1)
Eye Wash Solution (1)
Tweezers (1)
Large Disinfectant Hand Wipes (24)
Bio-Hazard Bags - Gallon ( 4)
Star of Life Symbol Designating Kit as a First Aid Kit
Dental Emergency Kit - Complete Sealed (or make your own)
Ziplock Freezer Bags (for avulsions - amputations)
Antihistamine Spray (1)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment Tube (1)
Antifungal Ointment (1) Double for Warm Humid Climates
Emergency "911" Phone - Charged & Programmed with Emergency Numbers Only
Safety eyeglasses with reading lenses or MedShields Disposable Eye Protection

Moleskin Patches for Foot Blisters (1)

Super Glue Tubes - Small (Cyanoacrylate) (4)

Hibiclens Skin Cleanser (8oz) (1)

Butterfly Bandages (12)

Antimicrobial Topical Gel - Handwash 6-8 oz (1)

Silver Sulfadiazine Cream SSD (Silvadine) 50 Gram tube (1)

Zinc Oxide Tube 2oz USP - Skin Protectant

Glucose Tablets - Roll of 10

Spray Bandage (1)

Oral Electrolyte Packs (2-3)

Duct Tape - Small Roll (1)

Tincture of Benzoin - Hardens Skin - Prevents Blisters
Medical Emergency Contact Forms and Current Medications List from

Inspection Tips: Note the Expiration Dates on Contents using Sharpie Marker Pen
Include a First Aid Kit Contents List and Note Expirable Items Clearly!

Learn how to do these things yourself NOW

Online reference sources:

Make sure to have a name tag with your contact info attached and mark all the gear inside you can because someone may permanently "borrow" your kit.

** Or as many as you can afford for other kits or replacements for when used.


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  4. We all need one of these especially when we are in emergency situation.Thanks for publishing this kind of content.


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